The Healing Power of Nature


Do you feel distracted most days? Do you wonder when you’ll have time to totally relax and turn inward? How often to you get to spend time in nature? I realize that being in nature really slows me down.. gets me to go inward and sort things out.. makes me tune into the natural music of the universe and gives me an overall feeling of happiness.

Think about it.. nature is like a perfect symphony. Each element plays its own unique part in making everything work in synchronicity. There are no mistakes in nature. I grew up spending lots of time upstate New York on my family’s farm. That’s where I learned that everything is connected…. the sun, the bugs, the plants, the animals, the rain, etc. Every single piece of the puzzle makes up the whole. When one thing is missing, the puzzle is not complete. Fast forward to today — when farms are no longer working farms like they were back in the day. Today, farms grow genetically modified corn and soybeans and spray them with toxic chemicals that hurt the environment and wreak havoc on our health. There are no longer animals on the commercial farms that feed us. How can a farm be called a farm without animals? There’s no such thing! You cannot mess around with the natural order of things without consequences…. deteriorating health, sick animals that live in confined environments and eat other than their natural food, harm to the planet due to pesticides, herbicides, the carbon footprint, environmental toxins, etc.

I miss those days on the farm and I fear that our manipulation with “Mother Nature” will eventually come to haunt us. It saddens me to know that I will never see a monarch butterfly on my property. They just aren’t around here anymore. This is just one of the many changes that have taken place over the years.

So, what are we to do? Do anything and everything you can to preserve this planet — recycle, buy organic, support your local farmers, don’t buy toxic products and definitely “vote with your fork.” Get educated and get involved where you can. Any little thing you do will help create the ripple effect…. one change at a time.

So, now, get out into nature since she knows how to heal us. She has all the answers if we just take the time to listen. Go inward more and connect on a deeper level to the music all around you. It’s there for you to enjoy.. I wish you a happy summer.

xo, C