How can i thank you for all you taught me? I have always considered myself insightful and educated about my health, but working with you as my health coach brought me to a whole new level. When i am food shopping for fresh fruit and veggies ,mostly organic , i am remembering all the value in the greens! My choices which now include kale, fermenting cabbage, baby bak choy, beets, just to name a few are very expanded. Incorporating everything together in a morning shake is an idea you introduced to me! When we worked together you brought me lots of recipes and ideas i keep in a folder and continue to reread. Your support between sessions via email served as a great reminder since change happens slowly. So even though my digestive challenges have been difficult to understand you have been a great help!
Thank you for all you have contributed to my health!


I worked with Charlotte Hiller for 6 months, going through her nutritional/health coaching program.  I was ready to start making healthier choices and changes when it came to my choices of foods.  I started to research organic and whole grain information on my own, but quickly became overwhelmed by all of the information out there as well as conflicting information.  Charlotte's knowledge and expertise was exactly what I needed to jump start my healthy eating journey.  She was extremely thorough covering topics such as greens, whole grains, organic foods, sugar and how stress affects our bodies.  Every session was filled with information that opened my eyes and understanding of living a healthier lifestyle.

As a single mom, I also wanted to get my kids on track as much as possible with their way of eating.  Of course, that seems to be much more challenging than helping myself, but Charlotte helped me understand how I can make little changes with my kids that can start getting them on a healthier track.  

Since the program, I have been more aware of the kinds of foods I put into my body, I have added more greens to my daily diet, and have been able to implement changes for my kids that are very small, but effective as well.  If you are wanting to start eating healthier and make positive changes to your life, I highly suggest hiring Charlotte Hiller for coaching, you will definitely come out of the program with the tools and resources to start living a healthier life!

Cori Swidorski


In 2012 I committed to a 6 month Health Coaching Program with Charlotte. Since then I have been forever changed! Every Session was full of educational and very interesting topics. Charlotte presented each topic with such wisdom and authenticity. As i started to apply all the information that i was learning, I began to notice small but significant changes in myself; not only physically but mentally and emotionally. The areas of improvement consisted of: better digestion, mental clarity, more energy, sense of calmness, and more at peace. I just felt "lighter" over all!! The more I learned, the more I changed!! I can happily and proudly say that I continue to apply the many positive changes that i have learned with Charlotte. I have adopted a cleaner and much healthier lifestyle. I' am definitely more aware and mindful of what i feed my body, mind, and soul!!!! Thank you Charlotte for walking beside me as i created "The Me" I always wanted to become!! The journey has only begun!!

Love Always, Bertharis


Working in the wellness area at St. Joseph's College in Brooklyn, NY, I invited Charlotte to speak to students, faculty and staff about Sugar Addiction and how it negatively impacts the body. Charlotte provided an informative and eye opening presentation on hidden sources of sugar, as well as how to read nutrition labels and choose healthier sugar alternatives. The attendees had great questions for Charlotte which she answered thoroughly and also provided handouts for people to take. I would definitely recommend Charlotte to speak at your next event!

Lilly S.


I started working with Charlotte to help me with weight loss but what I gained by working with her goes far deeper than just that. Charlotte taught me many things in the six months that we worked together and opened my eyes to new ways of looking at things that inspired me to live my life more fully and certainly more healthily.

I lost 17 pounds in six months and I’ve just reached my one year anniversary since working with her and I am thrilled to say that I have kept it off! Her voice resonates in my head virtually every day! She showed me so many new things that I am implementing every day, but most importantly, she taught me to embrace the moment and to love myself. I have so much admiration for charlotte. She has become a mentor and a dear friend and I will be forever grateful to her.

Betsy B.