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As a Board Certified Integrative Nutrition Coach, I work with women who want to learn what foods and lifestyle modifications can help with healing the gut, creating more energy, losing weight and reducing stress. Nutrient-dense foods and healthy lifestyle choices can help us look and feel young again.  What your body does with what you eat is critical to optimal health.

I guide my clients to take the first step by educating them on the importance of "balance" in their lives.  It is important to have a spiritual practice, good relationships, a career you enjoy and be physically active.  I believe in "Bio-Individuality" which means we are all different - what works for one person does not necessarily work for the next person.  I meet my clients where they are, hold space for them to explore their mind & body, and through this process magic happens..

Are you ready to delve into understanding how food and the choices you make in life are key to unlocking those things that block you from feeling energized and healthy?  Are you ready to turn your health around so you can live life the way you want to?

Do you want to improve your physical health? emotional outlook? are you searching for deeper meaning in your life?  

As a woman in her early 60's who has gone through many transitions, I can understand the needs of women at this stage of their life who need support with such things as:

  • gently transitioning through menopause
  • finding meaning & purpose
  • feeling good in your body
  • healing the gut
  • healthy weight loss
  • self-acceptance
  • hormone balance

I have experienced ALL of these transitions and know that it can be very challenging to get through them.  I am here as your guide to support you in knowing that you can transition through many of these stages of life and feel amazing along the way.  

It's all about learning to live life on YOUR TERMS and creating the next chapter -- Life 2.0!  This is the time to feel love and have compassion for YOU.

Loving yourself means learning about the most nutrient-dense foods to eat to nourish your body, getting rid of the foods that cause weight gain, bloating, brain fog and premature aging.  Loving yourself also means being kind to yourself and grateful that you are on the right path.  It means knowing that you are worth it and that you can transform yourself so you can enjoy the second half of your life.  

You're at the age where life truly begins!  You're at the "liberating" time of your life -- when your body has most likely gone through all the hard work -- monthly menstrual cycles, PMS, labor and birth (if you have a child/children), peri-menopause and possibly even menopause.  WHEW!  Mother Nature gave women lots of transitions to get through; but, she also gave us THIS TIME -- when we can reinvent our lives, when we can slow down enough to tap into our true potential, when we can rekindle our relationship with our spouse, when we can choose to no longer fall prey to worrying about what others think of us, when we can really have FUN and enjoy our lives and when we can take control of our health.  There is nothing more powerful than getting in touch with your body, knowing what works and what does not work and changing the course of your health.  Doesn't this sound great??