My New Title - Entrepreneur!

I still find it hard to say the word - Entrepreneur.. It must be due to the 30+ years working under an executive team in the corporate world.  I was always a soldier, accepting orders and carrying them out.  Oh, that's nothing to be ashamed about or, for that matter, there's nothing not to like about it.  In some ways, it helps with the sleepless nights, worrying about how you're going to make things happen so you can pay the bills or being too excited because of all the wonderful balls you have in the air and how much time you can devote to each one.  

Going back to what I like to talk about which is 'living in the moment' and being grateful is always applicable in our daily lives. Whether you're a janitor, a delivery man, a postal worker, the CEO of your company or an entrepreneur, there is always going to be times when you're going to have to put on the brakes and be grateful for what you have.  There is no perfect anything in this life. What's perfect is how we view what we have.  If we are not happy with what we're doing, we have the choice to change it or change the way we feel about it.  It's being in the moment with what you're doing that is going to fuel your wellbeing.  

Are you grateful for where you are in your life?  Are you searching for more meaning and a sense of purpose?  Do you look at life in a positive way or do you see the negative in many situations?  We all know the saying, "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade."  How profound is that statement?  It's a simple phrase that requires a certain mindset.  What will you make of your life today?  Remember, it may be cloudy out today but the sun is always shining.

My Morning Juice 

(There's nothing like going to the farmer's market on a Sunday morning and stocking up on some healthy fruits and veggies - you just can't get the wild greens in the supermarket and these are some of the healthiest foods to bring into your body)

  • celery
  • lemon, small slice
  • ginger, thin slice
  • carrot
  • wild spinach
  • cucumber, half (no need to peel if it's organic)
  • small red beet