I spent many hours yesterday talking, laughing and catching up with my childhood friends.  What an amazing day it was.. reminiscing about times and events gone by and reliving those moments for the few seconds or minutes when the memory was vivid in my mind.  Life was simpler back then and oh so innocent.  Yes, the 60's were a very special time.  Did I know it then?  Hmm.. probably not.  But, what came to me yesterday was the happiness, the playfulness and the strong friendships we shared that made those years the collection of stories that I have woven together in my mind's journal.  Oh, and what stories we have!  

On my drive back home, I thought about how I felt sitting at the dining room table with all my friends around me.  I felt a sense of belonging, a certain warmth that comes when you're snuggled underneath a cozy blanket on a cold winter day.  I felt that time was suspended.. that I was there with them and it was 1964.  The only thing that was different was the reality that we were older (although everyone looked the same as they did back then) and at a point in our lives where we were making decisions based on our own well being.  We were no longer letting others control us or feeling we had to put controls on ourselves in order to please those around us.  We felt uplifted and happy.  We are doing what we enjoy doing at this phase of our lives.  We talked about the innocence of not being in touch with who we were back then, not having our unique voices, and about the excitement and freedom of coming into our own -- all at different points in time over the years.

Here is the perfect example of what I tell my clients -- your Primary Foods (those things that nourish us on a cellular and emotional level) are those 'foods' in life that don't sit on a plate; they are the people we love, the smiles we share, the joy we feel and the gifts we give to each other.  That's what life is about.  

Thank you Laura, Anne, Lucille and Sharon for giving me the opportunity to go back in time and feel like a kid all over again.  Oh, yes.. the days when life was simple.