Is Weight Creeping Up On You As You Age?

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Living in an over 55 complex definitely has its ups and downs.  I remember feeling really down when we first moved in, thinking that somehow I ended up in this 'retirement' village or 'old age community.'  As a matter of fact, my husband, Alan, felt the same way and we ended up putting our condo on the market.  Fast forward 7 years and we've both come to feeling 'okay' with living here.  We love our unit, feel it's home now, take advantage of the workout room, sauna and pool and have met some really nice people.  

Do you think your LOCATION can influence you?  Hmmm.. do you think that hanging out with people who sit most of the day, eat foods that do not facilitate weight loss and complain about getting heavy is good for your health?  I've heard comments such as, "Well at our age, what else is there to do but eat."  Or, "Who wants to sacrifice at this point in our lives."  While Over 55 communities have great gyms, tennis courts, pools, etc. that can help people to stay in shape, the majority of people I witness are sitting most of the day.  The same 4-5 people swim in the indoor pool in the colder months, the same 4-5 people swim in the outdoor pool during the summer months and the same 4-5 people exercise in the gym on a fairly regular basis.  BUT, we have 750 families living here!!!!  That's just crazy!!  

It Gets Harder To Exercise As You Age....

That's just pure nonsense!!  What gets harder is your attitude towards changing your habits and creating healthier ones.  Please don't be stuck in thinking that having a lean body, lots of energy and being in good health is relegated to the younger folks.  YOU can have the body you want and more energy than you had in your 20's!!  

Believe me.. I remember when I started to feel some weight come on and worried that it was THAT time (menopause) when I was going to start gaining more and more weight.  I felt that I really didn't have too much control over it -- that biology had the upper hand and I would have to work out longer and harder to keep my weight (and my emotions) under control.  Actually, I entered IIN at that time (Institute for Integrative Nutrition), did loads and loads of research and came to the realization that I could impact my body and mind without having to workout like crazy and deprive myself of yummy foods.  And, as many of my friends, family and clients know, I DO NOT BELIEVE IN PUTTING ANYONE ON A DIET.  Diets are stressful and we all know that stress contributes to weight gain.

You can feel amazing in your body.  AND, you can increase your energy levels so you can enjoy the next 50 years of your life!  (I'm talking to YOU 50 year olds!!)

The Time Is Now 

Don't wait until chronic illness hits before you decide to make changes.  And, if it does hit, it's still not too late to reverse things.  Our bodies are made to heal given the right information and the specific tools with which to heal it.  

I have helped many of my clients go from OLD to YOUNG.  They only felt old because their bodies were not working to capacity due to not feeding and fueling it properly.

If you need help getting back to feeling amazing after 50, reach out to me as I was there and understand what I needed to bring myself back to a place of good health.

Energetically yours,