Anti-Aging?!! Really?!!

If you have the answer to this, please let me know.  The only way I know to stop aging is to die. I like to think of the aging process as a natural progression of a life, whether it be the life of a tree, an animal or a human.  We all age.  But, how we age is another story.  I'm sure you know a few people who say things like, "Well, at my age...." or "I'm too old for that...."  Yep, we all know someone who has said these things.  I believe if we want to STOP feeling "old," than we need to START acting young.  And, that means getting rid of thinking you're old and begin feeling you're young.  

When we think things, we eventually feel them.  It's the law of attraction, actually.  You know the saying, "Be careful what you think?"  While newspapers, magazines, TV and ads on the sides of buses (have you ever seen one?!!) tell us that old age is not something we want to aspire to and the plethora of photographs of young and beautiful people adorn the covers of magazines, it's time to reclaim your life and LIVE in the moment.  We all know that when our health turns, we then realize how precious life really is.  Why wait until that time.  NOW is the your time.  

Start making a list of everything you want to do and post it on your fridge.  Then take action!  Plan a trip and put down a deposit, join an organization, sign up for a class or learn how to play piano.  Embrace the aging process.  Some people do not get that opportunity.  It's not about all the changes that are not to your liking but more about what you can give to others while you're here.. right now.

Aging is inevitable and also exciting.  How else would we be able to navigate our future if it were not for all the information we gleaned from our experiences.  Only the passage of time teaches us what we need to learn and what new opportunities we may want to explore.  Aging provides wisdom, confidence, playfulness, clarity and freedom.  Freedom to be just who you desire to be.... freedom to love yourself unconditionally.... freedom to keep aging along with the rest of the universe and being okay with that.

How do you feel about aging?  I'd love to hear..

xo, C