Who Says It's No Fun Getting Older?....


I used to tell people (way before the movie Benjamin Button) that it would have been much better to come into this world at the age of 100 and work backwards.  But, I now realize I really like being older and am not frightened about the future.  

I hear many people say, "It sucks getting older."  But I experience it differently.  I like the fact that things that used to irk me years ago no longer affect me.  I guess you can say it's the time of life when you realize you can just relax into your being.  You can actually take the time to slow down (purposefully) to savor each moment of each day.  It's a time when comments or looks from others don't penetrate you the way they did when you were possibly more vulnerable at a younger age.  

I use the phrase, "Fitting Out" quite a bit.  I like to be different now.. I like to stand out.. I enjoy feeling comfortable in my own skin - aged as it is.  This doesn't mean that I don't take care of my skin, figure, mind, etc.  I treat my body with respect and feed it healthy, nourishing foods that work the different systems in my body.. For instance, I eat organic foods so I am not ingesting GMO's and herbicides/pesticides which potentially could cause health issues.  I eat lots of greens, drink pure water, add in fermented foods each day to colonize my good bacteria (after all, we are more bacteria than we are human cells), take a good Vitamin C each day, K2 and Spirulina.  Spirulina is a blue-green algae and was the first food on the planet!!  I do my best to keep myself looking as good as I can as I age.  I also make sure to put pure ingredients on my skin.. after all, everything gets absorbed into the bloodstream. We don’t want toxins penetrating our skin and finding areas in our body to hide out in, potentially causing havoc somewhere down the road.

The one thing I don't do is say, "Well, at my age......"  Why focus on age?  We're all getting older and many of us are getting better with age.  Remember, anything you focus on expands.  So, if you focus on the fact that you're OLD and feeling OLD and looking OLD, then that's going to transpire.  

I, by no means, am undermining those people who do have complications due to the aging process.  And, I know it's hard to embrace this time with a positive attitude when your health is not good.  I think getting involved in a project, joining a social group, connecting with family, etc. can make a huge difference.  We're all going to age.... that is inevitable.  But, can we change our attitude, give out those positive vibes, laugh more, help our neighbors, friends, family, etc. and leave behind an amazing legacy?

I say we can!

xo, C