I have always been curious, but never gave it much thought until recently.  As an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, I am doing research on various health topics, reading abstracts, scrolling through testimonials from people I follow in the health world, reading articles on cures for cancer, reversing Type 2 diabetes, autoimmune diseases, etc.  As I came across what I thought might be a wonderful addition to my lifestyle -- a specific brand of hydrolyzed collagen -- I immediately felt the urge to order it.  That's not a bad thing by any means except that I just bought a big jar of hydrolyzed collagen a week ago.  Hmm.... but, this new brand seems to be the one I should be taking.  Or is it?  I emailed the gentleman selling it and it seems you should buy 2 jars (at $50/jar) since the effects won't be noticeable until 60 days.  Okay.. well, I thought about it and decided to finish the jar I have first and then give it some thought.  

I am always curious as to what effect various foods or supplements will have on me.  Because of my curiosity, I have tried many different super foods, vitamins, health-related fitness items, etc. and realize that maybe my curiosity is getting the better of me.  And, it can get a little pricey!  Are you the curious type?  Do you find you're susceptible to ordering something new because someone said it was incredible?  It's like watching those infomercials and thinking that you definitely need what they're selling.  

I have come to realize that my curiosity is a good thing.  I am not willy-nilly when it comes to ordering health-related products.  I do my research and I know the things I want to add to my daily regimen.  I like the fact that I'm curious.  I like the fact that I have built up a nice little array of healthy foods that make me feel I'm doing good things for my body.  I'm not saying I'm in favor of taking a lot of supplements -- I actually am of the belief that eating a varied "whole foods" organic diet will provide you with all that you need.  Possibly a good Vitamin C, D3 and some spirulina (blue-green algae) might be the only supplements needed.  

So, I find that I like to experiment with new things when it comes to health.  If I hear about a great collagen that is super absorbable and people write amazing testimonials about it, I will most likely buy it.  The same goes for a portable infrared sauna or a course on The Power of Shamanic Journeying. Why not?  Curiosity can be your friend.  I always want to remain curious!  It's exciting, fun and many times rewarding.  What about you?

In good health,

xo, Charlotte