You Are Not Your Diagnoses

Many of us have been diagnosed with something or other in our lifetime that we seem to define ourselves with.  Has a doctor ever told you that you have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, psoriasis, hashimoto's, depression, asthma and so on?.... While none of us want to hear that there is anything medically wrong with us, what we can focus on is that these diseases are not who we are.  A very wise person once told me that if I mention or define myself by my dis-ease, then I am that disease and there will be little chance of getting rid of it.  Hmm.. that stayed with me for a few weeks until I decided that, "Yes, I get that!  And, I am no longer going to just take something for granted as if I have no choice in the matter."  

One thing I have come to realize in all my years of research in the field of integrative health is that our gut is the key to living a healthy life and overcoming and eliminating many chronic illnesses.  While dealing with psoriasis for 40 years and thinking it was just a part of who I was, I finally took action and began the healing process.  While I never suffered from any kind of intestinal discomfort or thought I had any gut issues, I started on the journey of feeding my gut with everything it was lacking. I brought in lots of fermented foods, herbal infusions, prebiotics, bone broths, kefir, fermented cod liver oil and various essential oils.  Well.. I never would have believed I could cure MY psoriasis.  And, I actually used to describe it as "my" psoriasis.  I made it something I would have forever.  Psoriasis is an auto-immune disease and needs to be treated by treating the gut.  Many other diseases are the same way.

Until you realize that your body can heal most diseases, you will remain attached to your diagnosis. Please don't define yourself as a medical term. Your mind plays a huge role in your health -- so, keeping your thoughts positive and uplifting can actually help you in the healing process.  

A healthy gut = A healthy person..

xo, C