60 Something ~ the New 40!! or Possibly the New 30!

I was in the midst of my workout today when it dawned on me that I feel better now in my early 60′s than I did at probably any other time in my life!  I was wondering why that is and I came to the conclusion that I am finally doing what I really enjoy doing for the first time ever as an adult.  I am spending time with my husband, who has been retired for the past five years while I worked full-time, I am working out each day knowing I don’t have to watch the clock, and I am feeling so grateful just being able to do what I choose to do each morning I wake up.

It’s really crazy when I think that I was “stuck” in a job for years just going through the motions, never feeling like I was doing what I was happy doing, settling into the mindset that I would not leave and not taking any action to create a new life. Obviously, I was not “stuck” literally — but, emotionally I created that story for myself.  My story was that I had to stay doing what I did not like to do until I reached retirement age — what??  What does that even mean?  Oh.. I guess it means I work until I can collect social security and then be able to create the life I really want.  NO!  My story was all wrong!  Who was I kidding?!  Why was I living a life that was not healthy for me — a life that was not serving my highest self.  I am grateful I am no longer in that job and have some space to carve out a new path.

I have always made “money” a very important factor in all my decisions.  I always felt I never had enough.  I did a lot of work trying to understand why money was always an issue for me.  I meditated on it for quite some time and realize now that it was not so much about money but about my attachment to it that kept me a prisoner of a life I wasn’t happy living.  Once I shifted my thoughts and feelings around money, I felt incredibly liberated.

Is there anywhere you feel stuck in your life?