Why I Love What I Do

There's nothing like "human connection."  In this day and age of electronic devices, I feel we need to connect even more than ever to other people, either in person or on the phone.  Texting and emailing are great ways to communicate, but we're missing a vital piece of what brings us joy and happiness -- physical connection to others.

Word got around my condo development that I am a health coach and I was asked to speak at a "single's club" meeting this evening on anything I felt the people would like to know about.  I chose SUGAR as I have talked to many people in my building who have a hard time staying away from many of the sugary foods they know they would do best to avoid.

I was warned prior to the meeting that many times when they have a speaker, the women sometimes talk to each other during the speech and at times walk out in the midst.  I had no idea what to expect since I know that sugar can be a topic that does not resonate well with people who love their sweets.

The meeting was attended by roughly 25 women and, I must say, everyone was engaged and very interested.  I spoke for 1-1/2 hours and then the questions starting coming in fast and furious.  I was shocked to see that the women were receptive to what I had to say.  The "thank you's" were heartwarming and I feel I helped educate them on the effects of a diet high in sugar and carbs. 

But, one of the best thing that came from the workshop was when a woman came up to me at the end of the evening and told me she has Type 2 Diabetes and wants to work with someone who will hold her accountable and support her as she makes small but manageable changes in her diet and lifestyle.  I saw in her face that she felt she could trust me and knew I would hold her hand through the process.  Looking into her eyes and connecting to her at that moment made me realize that a large part of our health is feeling connected to others.  

So, getting back to why I love what I do.... it's connecting with people one on one or in a group and making eye contact and feeling a sense of oneness.. a sense that we're all on this journey together and that it's the physical connection of sharing and trusting that brings us to a higher level.  

Who will you connect with today?